Friday, 28 January 2011

Remember Lucie from X-Factor? + LMS Spotlights treatment

Remember Lucie from X-Factor 2009? This picture might jog your memory:

Loved her on X-Factor :) She has an amazing voice! And it seems she's doing well - she's currently working on "Les Miserables" at the West End.

Today, I was surfing SugarScape and found a small article on her which included a short question-and-answer video. In the video, she mentioned a product I called "LMS Spotlights".

Basically, what this is, is, a red light which is shone on a "problem" area of your skin and it increases the skin's rate of repair by producing more skin cells, and thus, getting rid of the spot. I became quite interested in this product and decided to research it further. It seems - from what is said on their website - that the treatment is completely safe and doesn't have any negative side effects. 

However, there was one particular thing on their website which caught my attention: (highlighted in purple)

(Click to zoom.)

....wait, so if I use this, it will take up to 4 weeks to heal my spots?? But in her interview, Lucie said it took a few days... something isn't adding up, and it's making me a little suspicious. If I'm reading this correctly and understanding it properly, it seems I'm going to have to use this for up to 8 weeks to achieve perfect skin. I guess that seems reasonable if you want to treat your entire face (if your acne is severe) but if you have one or two spots, they will heal on their own before the treatment has even started!! (Or alternatively, instead of allowing them to heal on their own, just use Witch Spot Stick ;) From experience, I know this takes less time).

But I must admit, Lucie's skin is glowing in the picture which was posted on SugarScape:

She looks great... but am I the only one who thinks her outfit is kinda horrible? The dress is cute, but those tights + those shoes = fashion fail! :O (Anyone agree? Comment below).

You can watch + read the article mentioned above, here.
Check out LMS Spotlights here, and the LMS FAQs here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and comment below telling me what you think :)

PS. This post was not sponsored, and I do not own the pictures.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Paul & Joe 2011 Spring Make Up Collection - Parasol

Hey everyone! Today, I found out about the new Paul & Joe makeup collection - Parasol. The colours are gorgeous and the packaging - like all other Paul & Joe products - is SO cute! Here's the collection:

Screenshot from their website
The whole collection:

...and the makeup pouch!

Closer look at the lipsticks:

Closer look at the nail polishes:

The eye shadow sets:

Duo eyeshadows:

Paul & Joe fashion website:

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you buy any of the products, please post a comment below telling us what you think. :) Check the Paul & Joe website to see where you can buy their products - they have a few different shops listen depending on your location. (I was on ASOS earlier and managed to find the pouch.)

Just a side note, I wasn't paid to make this post or anything like that - I just love Paul & Joe products and decided to made this post. Also, I don't own any of the pictures, they are from the Paul & Joe website and most are screenshots.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year everyone! + don't miss the sales on these great websites

Heyy guys, happy 2011! :D

I know I've not been blogging in like a month and that is because I was away on holiday and just came back a few days ago. Hope you've all had a great holiday and I wish you all the best for 2011!

My New Year's resolution is probably to blog more and make more YouTube videos (and also do well in school, since this year and next are really important). So hopefully I will manage all that + get some sort of weekend job so I can earn my own money and stop asking my parents for money :L

I've got a few reviews on the way, so stay tuned for those :)

Okay, so on to sales.... the best part about the New Year ;)

Here are a few links to shops that have really good offers online at the moment.... I know there will be a lot more, but these are just a few which I think are really worth checking out: - up to 50% off (Jane Norman) - up to 50% off (Motel Rocks) - up to 70% off (Reiss) - up to 70% off (Karen Millen) - up to 70% off (ASOS) - up to 75% off (A|Wear) - up to 75% off (BooHoo)

...and this website has links to lots of other shops you may like: :)

Happy shopping! =D