Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Music Obsession

Currently, I'm loving this band from the UK called Urban Delights. :) They are awesome! My favourite songs by them are "Electroshock", "00 Gringo" and "Hard & Easy". If you are a regular on YouTube, you may have heard of them as their music appears in Shane Dawson's videos and also, their song "00 Gringo" is the intro for Philip DeFranco's videos :D

Here's a link to their YouTube:

Check them out :D

Saturday, 5 March 2011

My New Obsession :D

Heyy everyone! :) Just thought I'd share one of my obsessions with you: currently I'm hooked on watching 90210 - I absolutely LOVE that show! :D

Do you watch it? What do you think of season 3? What's been your favourite season of the show so far? If you don't watch 90210, do you follow any other show?

So far, season 3 is pretty amazing :) Loving the story line! If you are in the USA, you would be quite a few weeks ahead of us here in the UK haha. You can watch clips from the show and also full episodes here. And if you are in the US, you can watch them here. :D (I'm not too sure where you can watch if you are not in either in these two countries, but I think some of the content is open worldwide)