Saturday, 9 April 2011

Review of "The Haunting in Connecticut"

Heyy everyone! Got a movie review for you today: The Haunting in Connecticut - a movie which I watched last night at around 11pm and finished at around 1am - just in time for the Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls game (it was a really exciting one, with the Bulls winning 97 points to 81 points - Celtics struggled a bit last night, and as much as I support them, no one can beat the Bulls :).)

So anyway, on with the review, before I get carried away with my recap of the basketball game!

The movie is about a family who are forced to move house so they can be closer to the hospital which is treating the eldest son, Matt, who is suffering from cancer. The family rents the house, but shortly after moving in they discover the house was once a funeral home. Matt began to experience visions from the perspective of a boy who died in that house. At first, Matt blames the hallucinations on the drugs and medication he is taking, but soon, the whole family sees these occurrences and they call in a local minister who Matt met at the hospital, to help them. The minister explains that the reason Matt experienced the presence of the ghosts first is because he is closer to death than the rest of the family and so, is in closer contact to the "next world".

The story unfolds at a good pace, and each scene is filled with action and suspense. Personally, I loved the whole movie, but there is one thing I have to take issue with, and that is this:

**Spoiler alert! Do not read the next bit if you have not seen the movie as it will ruin the ending**
At the end, when Matt discovers the bodies in the wall. That scene is the worst one in the entire movie! Okay, so first: the bodies weren't rotting - they were perfectly preserved - unlike the ghosts, who's bodies were rotting and falling apart. Second: also concerning the first point - there were so many bodies! They should have rotted and they should have stank like crazy! No way on earth would no one have noticed that they were there - this house was a funeral home so many years ago. The smell would have been detectable even if I was driving past the house - never-mind living in it. So if anyone can please explain this to me, that would be great.

But aside from that, the movie was well acted and the plot was good - and apparently based on a true story about a family who moved in that house and experienced similar occurrences. There was even a documentary about it on the Discovery Channel, but sadly I've not yet seen it. I shall link one article I found as proof, here. Plus link the IMDb page for the movie and the official website.

The end, I must admit, made me cry, it was a very touching ending to the film. I shall not reveal what happens ;) But I like how there was a happy ending to this movie, it really deserved one.

This movie is rated PG-13 on some websites and a 15 on others, personally I feel it's more suitable for 15 year olds as 13 year olds may find it too scary and/or depressing.

All in all, I give this movie 4 stars, and I thought it was great :D Have you seen it? What did you think? If not, are you planning on seeing it?