Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again!... It's Halloween! Definitely one of my favourite holidays... I'm a big fan of all things creepy and it's also a great excuse to eat extra sweets. ;)

Like last year, I'm just going to recommend a few things that I think you guys might like...

Starting off, here's a few apps which I've been loving this week:

SpookyPic is an app which allows you to take a picture and add creepy effects... here's one I did earlier:

You can add different filters and effects. :) Click here to go to the Apple Store.

Tiny Grave is mini game where you have to match groups of 3 or more "parts" to make potions:

Click here to go to the Apple Store.
Dreamland Halloween Adventure is a hidden object game which takes you through a haunted theme-park in search of a missing boy...

Click here to go to the Apple Store.
That's it for apps, now for some videos..

As always, I'm willing to promote BlackBoxTv on my page because they are a great team and make amazing, scary videos on YouTube... Their newest one is set to come out tomorrow, so stay tuned. ;)

A couple of months ago, I came across another horror gem called "The Cat With Hands", I'm not too sure who originally uploaded it, but this video has the most hits: Enjoy.

And lastly, for movie recommendations:

Paranormal Activity 3:

The best one in the series so far... definitely worth watching!

Hope this was somewhat helpful, and Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The New Facebook App vs. MyPad for Facebook

Hey everyone, I thought I'd do an iPhone/iPod/iPad app review for the Facebook v4.0.2 and MyPad for Facebook and Twitter v2.0.7 apps.

Firstly, the original Facebook for iOS app - the well-known version of the app recently got a bit of a face-lift. This new interface isn't liked by a lot of people and there was a lot of rage over this new update.. personally, I really like the new look but I wish the features would work...

Here's a few screenshots (I've blurred some details/pictures for obvious reasons):

All new login screen.

The news feed is slightly different and the menu along the top allows you to access your notifications and messages much faster than before.

The main menu come in behind the page you are currently using.

Uploading pictures and creating new albums is now much easier to do.

New app looks great... but it really reminds me of this one: MyPad for Facebook and Twitter. Here's a few screenshots:

Here's the login screen. This app allows you to log in to multiple Facebook accounts.

Here's the profile page... the big blurred image where the user's display picture is shown.

Scrolling down, you can use the tabs to see the person's wall, info, photos and friends.

You can update your status and check the news feed.

(You can view in portrait or landscape.) When you switch tabs, the new one slides over the one you were on and to switch back, you just slide the second one out of the way... you can layer a lot of pages in this way... super easy but difficult to explain!

Viewing people's pictures is also much easier and looks better on this app... While scrolling though the pictures, you can keep an eye on any notifications coming from your messages and Twitter feed (icons on the left.)
The one screenshot I forgot to take was one with the Twitter feed open, but all it really does it allow you to view the Twitter feed and update your status... sadly, you can't see your @replies/messages or followers.... which is a shame but will hopefully be available in a newer version.

All in all, I do feel like the MyPad app is better and also looks better.... the time line works much the same way as the old Facebook time line used to (without "top stories") and all the notifications seem to come in on time!

If you would like to try them out, they are both free from the iTunes app store. :) Tell me what you think in the comments below! :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

I Hit 5000 Views!

Hey guys, as you might be able to tell from the title of this post, I hit 5000 views! Well, I actually hit 5000 on the 1st of October, but only now have I actually had time to write up this post. :L

I know that a lot of you out there have probably already hit 5000 ages ago and are wondering what the big deal is, but for me, it's rather exciting. :) I've been blogging for just over a year now, and I don't have very many subscribers, but I do get quite a lot of views...

Here's some more of my statistics here on Blogger:

  •  My 5000th viewer was on my page at 23:23 on the 1st of October, they were from the US and were reading this post:
  • My blog has been getting a lot more attention recently, and last month, I had over 1000 views.
  • My review of the movie "The Haunting In Connecticut" is my most read post of all time.
  • I get views from around the globe, and I get most of my views from people in the UK, in the States and Canada.
  • This week alone, I've had viewers from the US, UK, Canada, Hungary, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Iraq, India and Germany.
  • Some more random facts: the top 3 most used browsers (by my viewers) are I.E., Safari and Firefox.
  • The top 3 operating systems are Windows, Macintosh and iPhone.
  • And lastly, for this week, the top browsers were Chrome, I.E., Firefox and (mobile) Safari; and the top operating systems were Windows, Macintosh, Android and Linux.

Hope you found those statistics somewhat interesting... I am a bit of a geek, so for me, they are very interesting and also rather exciting because it feels like there really is an audience reading my posts and it's not just me writing to myself. :L I check my statistics quite regularly just to see what people have been reading most this week or that particular day etc. so that I know what my audience likes and I can write more of that type of content.

I've a few posts lined up for the next week, in particular, one about iOS 5 which is rumoured to be coming out on the 10th. :) 

Bye for now. x